Active at the HU!

The HU stimulates students to participate during their student live. Participating at the HU can be done in many ways. One of those ways is to be active in boards and councils. For instance in the study program committee(SPC), the institute council(IC) or the central participation council(CPC). But also as a board member of a study/student association/organization. You can gain experience, knowledge and a large network, that will proof useful in your future career.


Students in SPC, ICs and the CPC receive financial facilitation for their work. Board members of associations receive funding when their organisation meets the requirements. The president of the association is the one to apply for the funding.

Non-financial facilitation

Active students at the HU in SPCs, ICs, the CPC and HU-associations. Will receive weekly print credit in their student account. the president of a committee, council or board can ask a facility card from the secretariat to get free coffee and tea.

Combination with your study program

You can combine being active with your study program. Of course it depends on your studyload, your study program and the amount of time you want to be active. being active can delay your study progtam or have other consequences. To gather information, talk to fellow students that are active and how they combine being active with studing. You can also discus it with your lecturers, or you mentor.



All students in the SPCs, ICs and the CPC can become a member of study associasion MUST. MUST faciitates members by bring them together in formal and informal settings. They keep int ouch with the HU and national organisations, and organize acrivities like workshops but also fun leisure activities. For more info you can e-mail:


All associasions from the HU can join OSHU, they facilitate associations by bringing them in contact with eachother and by organising meetings with all HU associations. You can contact them at: