Students in SPC, ICs and the CPC receive financial facilitation for their work. Board members of associations receive funding when their organisation meets the requirements. The president of the association is the one to apply for the funding.

Non-financial facilitation

Active students at the HU in SPCs, ICs, the CPC and HU-associations. Will receive weekly print credit in their student account. the president of a committee, council or board can ask a facility card from the secretariat to get free coffee and tea.

Fund investing in quality of education: Fonds Investeren in Kwaliteit van Onderwijs (FIKO)

The directory board of the HU has yearly meetings with active students. During these meetings/conversations students often mention ideas to make their study program better by improving the quality. The HU has made a fund to finance these initiatives from students.

The budget is meant for fresh ideas where isn’t any money for right now.

Some ideas:

-financing a pilot that can become a part of the budget when succesful.

– projects that enhance livability and community at the HU

– (this list will be added to)

The fund is not meant for activities that are only meant for leisure.
Team studentparticipation will check the application. There are 2 possibilities:

  1. Your application is declined
  2. You will get an invitation to pitch your application to the FIKO. (to 6 students)

After the pitch there will be a decision made about the future.

A good application can be accepted within a month!


  1. The deadline is every second Thursday of the month.
  2. Team student participation invites you to the pitch
  3. The 3rd Wednesday of the month the completed plan will be handed in by the applicant before 6 pm!
  4. Every 3rd Thursday of the month applicants can do a pitch for the FIKO.
  5. The last day of the month you will hear the result.

For more info: Rianne Vink, advisor studentparticipation

(, 06 3901 2975)

You don’t have to complete your application within a month but it is possible to get a go for your plan within a month