TUAS International Weeks 2016


Turku University of Applied Sciences will organise three International Weeks in 2016 and three International Summer School courses in August 2016.


We will organize two weeks for teachers in April:

TUAS Excellence Week of Circular Economy, Digitalization and Entrepreneurship, April 4-8, 2016

TUAS Excellence Week of Health Promotion, Increasing inclusion and Renewing social and health care services April 4–8, 2016


And one week for other staff members in June:

Sharing Excellence Week for Administrative Staff, June 6-10, 2016

Please visit TUAS’ website for more detailed information on the international weeks and registration. Note! Registration for the International Weeks in April ends already on February 29.


In addition, we will offer three International Summer School courses for students in August 2016:

  1. Game Development
  2. Introducing and Exploring Intercultural Relations in Everyday Life
  3. Urban Ecology and Design

Further information about the summer school can be found at:



Staff and students at the CARPE partner institutions are warmly welcome!

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