CARPE Steering Committee and Support Group Meeting in Brussels, 8-9 March 2018

On 8-9 March, CAPRE’s Steering Committee and Support Group Members met in Brussels for their first meeting in 2018. The meeting especially focused on exchanging ideas for potential future collaboration and on visions on how to promote the visibility of the CARPE network.

During their stay in Brussels, the CARPE representatives also used the opportunity to discuss with European Commission’s Policy Officer Carolina Rodriguez Rodriguez from DG Research & Innovation, Unit A3 – Horizon 2020 policy and foresight, the current preparation for framework programme 9 (period 2021-2027). Carolina presented insights from various studies which were conducted in order to prepare the next framework programme. Special emphasis was given on the so-called “mission approach” which might be integrated in the new programme. Within global challenges, missions, as to the EC, are drafted to set direction, maximise impact and interdisciplinarity and better relate to citizens. The development of missions is still under preparation and the EC welcomes any feedback in this regard. For more information regarding the preparation of FP9, please go to: Next framework programme

After the discussion with the EC representative, CARPE Steering Committee and Support Group Members decided to contribute with suggestions to the EC to potential missions relevant to the CARPE network and to participate in the EC’s “call for feedback on missions” until 3rd April.

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CARPE Steering Committee and Support Group Meeting
LTR: Javier Orozco-Messana (UPV), Juan Miguel Martinez-Rubio (UPV), Zsolt Varga (UD), Kathrin Rath (HAW), Anton Franken (HU), Carolina Rodriguez Rodriguez (European Commission), Marije Braun (HU), László Csernoch (UD), Thomas Netzel (HAW)


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Dipl.- Geogr. Kathrin Rath
CARPE Support Group Member

T +49 40 428 75 9897