#2 Lookbook: Goth and Witchy Vibes for the Win

Hello there! We will end this week with a second look that can be described as a romantic gothic style.

Skullflow gives an insight into this style, explaining that Goth is tied to the 18th and 19th century. It is a rather easy-to-notice style, as it differentiates itself through black clothes (especially lace, leather, corsets), and the whole outfit is a statement by itself. Gothic fashion has many subcultures, it can vary from romantic goth (a mix of witchy and dreamy) to nu goth (all black clothes, using specific goth symbols).

Dewi is a 2nd-year student at Creative Business and just before leaving her house this morning, she decided to share her outfit with us.


Style: My mood affects my style very much. Mostly on how much effort I’m putting into it. I love alternative fashion. Goth and witchy vibes for the win!
No go: Pink and white.
Music: This also depends on the mood. I love indie rock, oldies rock’n’roll, Celtic music, pagan music like Wardruna, or creepy things like Melanie Martinez.
Artist: Chris Burkard and Thomas Heaton.
Spare time: I’m a photographer and sometimes model. I love reading and watching movies or going out for some coffee with friends.

Lasting without a phone: I once went a weekend without my phone because I left it somewhere. Usually, I’m pretty attached to it though.
Side job: I’m a student assistant, I volunteer in the student program committee, I work at the front desk of my old high school and now and then a photography assignment.
Hotspot in Utrecht: I love the bookstore, or doing homework at the Coffee Company.
Breakfast: Muesli with yoghurt.

Biggest fear: Spiders and abandonment.
Biggest dream: Having an impact on people through film or photography.


Are you feeling it today? Get a chance to be featured on the blog. Send me a WhatsApp with your outfit and answer briefly to the topics in bold from the article or tell us some new cool stuff you’d love to share.

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