A glimpse into the CB courses: Fundamentals of Brand

A glimpse into the CB courses: Fundamentals of Brand

Article by Miruna Tit
2nd-year student at Creative Business

Fundamentals of Brand is an elective second-year course, which means that you can choose to study it if you find it interesting. In this course, you will literally step into the role of a brand strategist and help real clients to make their brand stronger. That would be what I particularly enjoyed about this course, theory and practice combined so beautifully. 



In the first weeks of the course, you will learn the theory about branding, concepts such as brand salience, brand awareness, brand loyalty, brand equity, ages of a brand, and many more.  So, because you already choose which of the real clients you want to work on, you can already start applying these concepts to your client. This is the step where you investigate what your client should focus on. So they lack brand awareness, brand salience? What is the opportunity worth it to discover for them? You also have a meeting with the client where you chance to ask them all your questions before you actually start working on an opportunity and later on strategy. The client meeting helps a lot because it’s a very good learning experience as a future professional, but also for the assignment and brand strategy you’ll develop. In the end, you find what are the needs of the client, you learn how to ask smart questions, and most probably that you will need to ‘translate’ the branding terms in simple words for your client to understand what you are asking or telling them. A very interesting video on branding below.



After the first part of the course, where you get to know the theory, your client and you individually identify a brand opportunity for them, you’ll form groups and work together to develop concrete suggestions to improve the client’s brand strategy. So this is the part where you really just roll up your sleeves and get to work, to create a strong brand for your client. In these weeks, your lecturer assists you in the process, but most important is the work you create together with your teammates. It’s really a process now of constant working, checking, defining, and redefining what was important for your client and what was your perspective on where the opportunity lies. From that point on, you create the branding strategy. The fact that this is a group project was really enjoyable for me, as we each came with a different perspective, but we managed to work towards a strategy. At the end of the course, we had to pitch this strategy to our client and to our assessor.



I found this course and this experience to be really valuable for me and my learning journey as a CB student and future professional, and I particularly enjoyed the fact that it was so practical. From working and interacting with a real client, receiving feedback from the ‘real’ work field, to just thinking that we helped our client to strengthen their brand with our fresh knowledge. 


Photo by J. Kelly Brito on Unsplash

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