Benefits of Studying in an International Environment

Benefits of Studying in an International Environment

Hello! I am Miruna and I am an international student from Romania. In this article we will look into four benefits of studying in an international environment. Enjoy the read!


  1. Broader horizons

To start with, I believe studying in a different country than yours makes you view the world in a more complex way, making you more open-minded and tolerant. You meet people from all over the globe, you accept that they are different than you and you learn how to work together and get results. Not only that you will broaden your horizon, but you will also grow both on a personal and professional level. You will see very different perspectives and viewpoints. You will be exposed to a new form of teaching and all this will help you grow, as a person and later professionally as well.


  1. International connections

Building a network is of course important, from your first year of university you can already start building a network, meeting new people that are meant to inspire you: from your fellow students to lecturers. So, keep that in mind, you never know who inspires you or whose help you will maybe need in the future.  As for myself, studying Creative Business at HU in a foreign country helped me being around like minded people, a very important aspect. You will be around people that go though the same things as you, how beautiful is that?


  1. Becoming independent

Living and studying abroad makes you more independent. You learn to live on your own and of course all those practical things that come with it: cooking, doing groceries, opening a bank account etc. It will make you responsible and I am sure you will be very proud of your own accomplishments. So, keep that spark in your eyes and get ready to #adulting. Even if at first it can be difficult or challenging, you will learn how to manage your time and studying will eventually come together with all the other practical or fun aspects of living abroad.


  1. New cultures, new friends, new places to visit

I am sure you are excited about this. Studying abroad comes along with discovering new cultures and making new friends. You will have the chance to form meaningful relationships with someone from the other part of the globe. You get a wider knowledge about diverse people and cultures, a thing that probably would not happen in your home country. And of course making friends from all over will get you the chance to visit yourself new places. So get ready to travel!



In the end, I want to say that deciding to study abroad was one of the best decisions I have ever made. In only one year I grew as maybe I would have normally in a few. I became more tolerant, open-minded, I have made new friends and learned to work with people from different cultures. I am more independent now and I can say that my decision made me a responsible young adult. All that I have mentioned earlier are only a few of all the amazing benefits of studying in an international environment. So what do you say? Have you packed your bags yet?



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