A Glimpse in the CB Courses: Technology Master Class

Technology is a 2nd-year course at Creative Business where students learn about technologies that are considered to be disruptive. These can be (among others) virtual reality, artificial intelligence, big data, blockchain, 3D printing, the internet of things. Here at HU, they learn in-depth about these technologies and what the future will look like if they’ll be implemented at a large scale.

For their final exam, students had to present these technologies in the form of demonstration, considering they only had knowledge and creativity at hand. Below you can find a few pictures and videos from the master class. Head over to our Instagram, so you can see the whole story.

3D Printing

Replicate of 3D printed house created with Play Doh


Students’ replicas


The team debating whether 3D printing might replace workers in the future

Virtual Reality

In the video above, the students recreated the Tilt Brush. This brush is available in Google and is a room-scale 3D-painting virtual-reality application. Since the brush was not available to them, they recreated the concept in a more traditional way.

Through the use of VR we can be transported anywhere we desire, even thousands of years in the past. During the master class, we want back to the time when Socrates was alive.

Many thanks to our lecturer, Bjorn, and the students for allowing us to film their presentations. We hope you got an idea of how a Technology Master Class looks like at Creative Business.

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