| Possible Day Trip Destination | De Haar Castle

Only 50 minutes away from Utrecht, you can grab your bike and cycle to De Haar Castle. Both the journey and the destination look like they’ve been cut out from movies, making it the perfect day trip destination. ⁠⠀
De Haar is the largest castle in the Netherlands, and it’s very known for the famous people that it has hosted, from Coco Chanel all the way to Brigitte Bardot; leaving their mark on how the rooms look like nowadays. ⁠⠀
During our visit, the castle was hosting an event “The Taste of Italy”, where we got to enjoy Italian cuisine, and more; we had a picnic in the gardens of the castle, and enjoyed the view of the animals they have in their own zoo. ⁠⠀
Most definitely a great recommendation for this (or any other sunny) weekend. As many have described the castle and it’s surroundings: it’s an enchanting oasis of harmony and peace.

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