Joost Peter Business Challenge 2019

Through this blog post, we would like to applaud our students. They are very often seeking possibilities to go that extra step, trying their best to earn great achievements. Sometimes it might also happen to have dreadful losses, but surely they learn so much from those as well.

This year, 5 HU students took part in the Joost Peter Business Challenge 2019. This Business Challenge is all about digital applications: Content Marketing, Integration of Mobile Devices and Online Webshops. The challenge was organised in cooperation with the Turkish Ozyegin University and 3 Dutch Universities of Applied Sciences.

Part of the HU team: Michelle Traurig, Linh Nguyên, Nicole Buehler and Yash Rajani.

Creative Business students, Yash Rajani and Linh Nguyen, participated in two of the winning teams. The theoretical concepts during the challenge were: Business Model Canvas, Value Proposition, Innovation and Sales Pitch, which were a perfect link to the Creative Business Course.

The paragraph below was sent by Linh Nguyên, 2nd-year student, to one of our Creative Business lecturers:

„I was in the winning team for “Best presentation”.  It was such an unforgettable experience for me. The whole challenge was basically Marketing and New Business Model combined. I got to work with all the canvas you have shown us. I must say it was extremely stressful to have to come up with a marketing campaign in 1 week and I don’t work well under pressure. However, during my time there I kept reminding what you told me “in marketing 1 week is like a lifetime”. It was my first time working on a real case for a company and I got to use all of my knowledge I have learned last year. It made me realise no matter how high my grades are at school, it’s so different and more difficult in real life.”

Our thanks go to the sponsor “Zilveren Kruis/Achmea”, the HU Students and HU Management, for taking part.

The winning team (including HU student Linh Nguyên) for the category: „Best Presentation”. This team came up with a solution for a more streamlined customer experience on 3 Zilveren Kruis’ apps. The idea was presented to the Zilveren Kruis Management.
The winning team (including HU student Yash Rajani) for the category: “Best Business Idea”. This team developed a prototype platform for the sale of Zilveren Kruis products and services.
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