#1 Lookbook: Autumn layered style indoors

Hello all! Welcome to the Creative Business lookbook. These articles are specially created for you, the future student that is wondering how people at Creative Business are like. I’ll break the ice with my today’s outfit.

For today’s blog post I did a little sesh’ of today’s outfit. The style is called ‘lagenlook’, which comes from German, meaning ‘layered look’. As Blue Fish Clothing explains, a logenlook outfit implicates layers of unconventionally shaped clothing worn one on top of the other to create a one-of-a-kind statement.

This style can be flattering to all body types, it’s suuuuper comfy, and best of all it suits any kind of climate, you only need to adjust the material of the clothes.

Here I am wearing a super warm turtle neck with gold, little buttons towards the end of the sleeve. I threw over a suede brushed silver button dress. For warmth reasons, I added a black pantyhose and a pair of white socks. The fishing hat belongs to a friend of mine.

Style: Everyday my style changes. Today I am going over the boundaries, tomorrow you’ll see me wearing funky dungarees. It’s just a matter of mood, I guess.
No go: Leggings with a short T-Shirt.
Music: Indie pop.
Shows: Sitcoms for an evening laugh.
Artist: The Chet Faker project.
Spare time: I like to be spontaneous, so every day I do something different. At the moment I’m trying to get back to what used to be my hobby once.

Lasting without a phone: About 3-4 days. I don’t use it that much. However, I am waiting for a miraculous call or notification, not sure what this is about though.
Side job: All the way; there are so many perks of having a side job, including not getting bored!
Hotspot in Utrecht: Stayokay. I love the place for studying and playing board games afterwards.
Breakfast: I am digging oatmeals at the moment.

Biggest fear: Trains.
Biggest dream: Helping out people at an international level (not sure how though).

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