Susan | Online Marketing Trainee at PHD ⁠

I am Susan and I work as an online marketing trainee at PHD, a media agency, that is part of the Omnicom Media Group.⁠

After finishing my studies, I started an online marketing trainee program called Digital College. For 2 months I learned a lot about online marketing. For example how to set up campaigns with the Facebook Business Manager, Google Ads, YouTube, LinkedIn, and programmatic advertising. Also, I got introduced to media planning in general. ⁠

Now I am part of the search and social media team, that works for different clients, such as TikTok, Volkswagen, and LG. The job is very versatile. Together with my team, I am involved in campaign planning – like building target audiences or choosing the best channel. Another part of my tasks is reporting on campaign performance, like which ads performed best for a certain target audience. For me, it is fascinating to see how precisely you can target and retarget people!⁠

My job is very exciting, and every day is different than the last. While studying Creative Business I had many touchpoints with social media, especially during marketing classes. After graduating from Creative Business, I didn’t really know in which field I might end up working, because we got introduced to so many different working fields, such as communication, media, journalism, and marketing. Now I can deepen my knowledge in practice.⁠

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