Enes | Processing Associate EU Residency at the Immigration and Naturalization Service

Hola hola! I’m Enes, 21 years old and I graduated from Creative Business last March, finishing both the regular curriculum as well as the personalized honor’s track. What I really enjoyed during my years studying this programme is the diversity, both when it comes to people as well as the variety in subjects. I also loved that we were given the opportunity to really make the programme our own. From going abroad, to creating your own company and collaborating with professionals from the field, it has helped me gain an understanding of what I was really interested in within the field.

Personally, I was lucky enough to spent some time abroad living and studying in Canada, and later, as part of my honor’s program, I went to Colombia to study at an institute in Bogotá. I also had projects with people from all over the world, I collaborated on a project with RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia, created my own podcast and worked with one of the most caring organizations in the Netherlands, so that they could spread more love around the country and the globe. If it weren’t for Creative Business, I don’t think I would have been able to experience half of the amazing things I have done and seen, which is why I am also very grateful and happy I followed the program.

During this time I also learned more about my interests outside of marketing and media, which is why I decided to continue my academic career in international studies, specializing in Latin America. While my current job at the immigration office and university program are not exactly related to what I did at Creative Business, I am still doing freelance projects outside of school and work, applying everything I have learned at university for my own personal brand and portfolio. I might be doing something else now, but the industry is just too interesting and fascinating for me to leave, so Creative Business will always have a special place in my heart! 🙂

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