Meet our Lecturers | Rosie from Mexico ⁠

Hola! My name is Rosa Maria better known as Rosie, I am 48 years old born and raised in Mexico City. I came to The Netherlands as an expat 14 years ago, I am married to Vincent who is Dutch and together we are raising our 5-year-old daughter Azul, we also have 2 doggies and a cat. Alternative to being a lecturer at HU I also manage a design studio that I founded in 2011.⁠

My expertise is in the fashion and textile industry mostly, I have a dual career studied and worked both in design and in the business side of Fashion. I have worked over 25 years in the industry in companies like Nike, G-Star, and Levi’s in Mexico, USA, and The Netherlands and 7 as a university lecturer and 9 as a business owner.⁠

My hobbies are painting, fashion events, films, reading, and doing crafts with my daughter.⁠
I am passionate about sneakers and clothing, I am a fan of Frida Kahlo and I used to be a competitive swimmer in Mexico.⁠

I have taught several courses at HU including Media Culture, Managing Creative Processes, International Creative Business, Cross Media Fundamentals, and Introduction to Creative Business. But truly my favourite one is Managing Creative Processes, it teaches students how to deal with creative entities. ⁠

The course is divided into two: in the first part, the student works wearing the hat of a client and on the other part they wear the hat of a creative agency. I believe this course is very relevant for the students’ development on communicating ideas properly in a professional manner. The students learn how to formulate a creative brief as if they will be the business owners of a company, but also how to interpret a creative brief if they will work in a creative agency. This course is a second-year course so the students mostly have learned to wear the business owner hat and learned about the principles of marketing, media and communication, which is an important aspect of this assignment.⁠

After this course, students will gain important skills: identifying the steps of a creative process, understanding the realistic aspects of communicating ideas and producing work professionally, taking into account the brand DNA, business, and marketing goals as well as a budget and creative team.

My eternal advice to students is to have fun and to enjoy their assignments, to produce work with the focus of what makes them passionate, to see their work not as a class assignment but as work they can present to get an internship or a job. Shortly, to produce work they feel proud to present not only at school.

My motto is that time is the only thing you can’t bring back, so I invite my students not to waste their time, to make every single day count.

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