Meet our Lecturers | Yilun from China ⁠

I am an Amsterdam-based Chinese, an art lover, bookworm, cinephile. (you can already tell I have some random OCD’s). I love connecting dots (or doubts) through the lenses of Culture and Media studies with a touch of creativity. For example, I enjoy doing linguistic textual analysis approaches, such as decoding Billie Ellish’s songs and looking into the charisma of her musical persona.⁠

I pursued my literature-and-culture focused academic studies in Shanghai, New York, and Amsterdam. Interested in marketing and media, I earned extensive professional experience in influencer marketing, social media, project management, and business development. Devoted to learning and sharing, I found my place at Hogeschool Utrecht as a Creative Business lecturer.⁠

At the HU, I am teaching several courses including Introduction to Creative Business, a 1st-year course, where we map out the international creative landscape and we put in contrast traditional creative industries to creative businesses. Another course that I’m teaching is International Creative Business which is a 2nd-year course that takes ICB to another level, with a close-up to different regional markets through the lens of Paradigm Shift. I think the best way to prepare for these courses is to be curious and critical. ⁠

Other than that, I have some books and film recommendations that are worth sharing. “Faces, Places”, 2017 French documentary directed by Agnès Varda and JR, and “On Earth We’re Briefly Gorgeous” a book by Ocean Vuong.

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