Teodor Ghita | Founder of frAsk

Teodor Ghiță started his own company at only 20 years old. He’s been working hard to lift it from the ground, and the Creative Business programme was there to support him out when needed. Below you can read about his company, frAsk, but also how it all started. 

A: Tell us about your Creative Business experience. 

T: I started Creative Business two years ago and I can simply say that I appreciate what I encountered here. During classes and around the campus I find it very easy to come across people that discuss various ideas on which I can always find interest in. I am mostly curious about how we are affected by the changing times and what the future will look like. The HU makes sure to leave up to the individual to add its value and to create its sense of direction. The programme is engaging and challenging and it helps us be exactly who we want to be.  

 A: How did CB inspire you to create your own company? 

T: During my second year of university we took an entrepreneurship course and honestly speaking, it all happened thanks to the lecturer we had in class; she’s been rather severe, but at the same time very motivating and fun to work with. I remember she was very upset with me that everybody else already had an idea for the project we were undergoing and I literally had nothing. So when I realised that the deadline was approaching, I was telling myself ‘brain give me something’ (chuckles). Luckily at that time I had many bonding moments with my friends, who happened to be in the Netherlands during their Erasmus, so I came to the point where I wanted to create something for the ‘1st timers in the Netherlands’. 

 A: How did Creative Business support you in your endeavours regarding your own company? 

T: HU helped me out indeed. My lecturer trusted me with my project and when I said I wanted to go further with the project and make it a company, she supported me without second thoughts. Creative Business requires us to do an internship in a company in our 3rd or 4th year. I was very pleased to hear that they wanted to support me further and they allowed me to work for my own company. This way I am able for 6 months to put full energy into what I believe in.  

A: Tell us about your company.  

T: The company is called frAsk, that comes from ‘ask a friend’. Most often 1st timers in the Netherlands don’t have friends to ask their questions. The name probably already tells you a lot about what we do. It’s a digital community platform which operates online where internationals and locals are connected and it allows them to ask questions. It’s much easier to ask people on this platform than try and find the information yourself on the internet or even worse run from place to place in the hope you’ll get some answers; that’s simply too much work. I believe the connection to people is what is pushing us to achieve more and face challenges. You can become a member of this platform here: http://www.frask.eu/! It’s free and it has the information you need in one place.  

Also, I am all about the basics, so I found a developer to create the platform which leads me to how Utrecht is connected and how Creative Business students go that extra step. I was asking around for such a person and after a while, a Creative Business student connected me to his brother that happened to be a developer. It’s a lot about networking here. Also, I am happy to say that we are at almost 100 users in less than a month from the launch, so we are very excited for what’s to come.  

Teodor and Loviisa in UtrechtInc incubator.

A: Final words that you’d like to share with the young entrepreneur readers. 

T: All I would say is that starting a business has to come from the inside – do not try to solve a problem if you are not familiar with it. 

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