A glimpse into the third year at Creative Business

The third-year at Creative Business is nothing but exciting. It is such a different experience than what you may be used to. It is a year in which you get out of your comfort zone while meeting many new people, experience working in a company and diving deeper into what interests you for your minor. As we have been telling you some of the stories of our students who went through their internship or exchange experience, we figured it’s a good idea to also provide you with some tips and tricks about how to navigate this year that can look quite challenging at first – but proves to be the most fun of all of the study years, according to most of our students! 

When it comes to the choices you make regarding your third year, there are several possibilities from which you can make up your mind. Do you prefer to start your minor in the first semester? Do you prefer studying abroad? Would you like to do your minor in The Netherlands at the HU or at a different university in a different city? Or maybe starting your internship first would suit you better? What is the dream company to do your internship? Is it a start-up, a big organization? Is it in a different country?

Well, this list could go on and on, but I think you got the idea. It’s a year that you organize to your liking and it’s a great opportunity to discover what you would like to do in your future career. It can be eye-opening, to say at least.



Because it is such a different experience than the first two years of university, it may sound stressful. You may think: lots of planning, making important decisions, exploring your skills and preferences, and really taking the initiative while making sure every step will work as planned. Nevertheless, this, of course, can be fun, so don’t forget to enjoy it!

Following the CB timeline and the guidance given already offers you a pretty strong framework, so you know what to work on and when.


When it comes to finding an internship, it is best to start in advance with many months before, 6 months sound like a good idea! Many big companies already have their internship postings up and running, so make sure you keep that in mind. The process of finding an internship is very similar to one of a job. Creating a strong application (CV and tailored motivation letter), reaching out or applying to different companies, and then attending interviews, which by the way, can happen in multiple rounds – concluding with an email of acceptance or rejection, or maybe even no answer back, unfortunately. 

Surely, that would be one of the reasons why starting your research early is so advised by everyone. It is a process from which you learn a lot, and the best part is that it is good practice for a future job search. So give it your best!


Office space at Adidas


The choice of a minor comes more structured, as there are different deadlines of applying which you have to take into consideration. Here, of course, the first step comes with your own research of what you would like to focus on. Keep in mind that there are different deadlines if you want to go abroad for the minor than if you wish to stay in The Netherlands. 

And always double-check the Canvas page and documents provided. Also, attend the meetings organised by your study coaches where they explain the entire process –  then you will know exactly what you have to do and when.


We know that many of our students are very much looking forward to their third year, even from the first year or before starting Creative Business. We hope this article gave you a bit of insight on what to expect from it and what are some important steps in successfully completing your third year. And while we are at it, don’t forget that this is a year in which you explore a lot about yourself and what you like or don’t like, so it is valuable either way. Having fun along the way is for sure an ingredient that will make the experience a whole lot more enjoyable and unforgettable, and it may probably be the best year of your studies!

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