Tips to prepare for your third Creative Business block

Tips to prepare for your third Creative Business block

We’re halfway through the Creative Business school year, you all have probably worked on some amazing projects and collaborations, and are probably all enjoying your well-deserved break. The third block is approaching (last thing you kind of want to think about, we know), but we summoned some veteran CB’ers to share their tips to make the most out of next semester, so you can enjoy your holiday, and enjoy hopefully a carefree early Spring in Utrecht! A good start is half the work, the Dutch say. 

Update: sent-in advice from CB’ers, for CB’ers!

Last Friday, we’ve asked you on our CB Instagram page to share your input and advice for preparing and studying for a new block, and here they are!

  • “Break the assignments down into small pieces and work on them throughout the block”
  • “It is better to work an assignment one hour each week than to stress out about it right before the deadline.”
  • “Active learning! Participating in class and helping peers saves me time with studying.”
  • “Have a planner you like working in (motivation!!!)”
  • “Start on time! I’ve lived in the library for the past 14 days but I nailed my exams! Best feeling ever hehe”

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We’re not going to lie, these upcoming semesters will be toughest. Not because of your courses, but because you certainly will be faced with the dilemma of school vs. spring and summertime.  Are you going stay for another hour at the library in PL99 or are you headed to a terrace at Neude? Will you have only one drink at the café in our building after you’ve finished your work? Time will tell. And although we can’t make these decisions for you, we can certainly give you some advice on how to make things easier.

Creative Business Utrecht Classroom

Ensure you are enrolled

Perhaps a very obvious point, but in case you needed that reminder, here it is: enroll for your courses before 19-01, 23:59. You really don’t want to work on a project only to end up not being able to receive your grade because you forgot to enroll in the beginning of the semester. 


Keep track of all the dates!

We have entered a new decade, and therefore a new year. Make sure you’ve gotten a new planner or that your calendars are synced with your new school schedules. Another important and somehow overlooked life hack: keep track of the school weeks. Mark it in your calendars. It’s one of those things that will not matter right away, but definitely will when you are six… or was it seven (?) weeks in.  


Don’t forget the student manual

Who would have guessed that knowing what your courses will be about would, end up being beneficial for you? Don’t read them right before your first class starts, but preferably a couple of weeks ahead. Our own personal do it right after you are enrolling for your new courses.


Use apps for lists and to do’s to make life easier  

Apps such as Orderly and Google Keep are perfect for creating reminders and to do lists–which are lifesavers in times of stress. We suggest to use Habitica if you’re having a hard time feeling motivated, since it gamifies your tasks and to do lists.  

Enjoy your break everyone, we hope you get that well needed rest and have lots of fun! If you have some additional tips, or apps you love to use please let us know so we can spread the word!

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