Faria | 3rd-year student from the Netherlands

What I know now is that work experience in the professional field through an internship helps you put concepts taught in school into perspective.⠀

A few months ago, I finished my internship and was preparing to come to Seoul, South Korea to do my minor. After finishing my internship and being in a different working environment than a school for the first time, I was not sure what to expect going back to school in a foreign country.⠀

When the classes started, I noticed that the knowledge I acquired during my internship helped to bring a different perspective to what I got taught in class. I could see how the concepts taught in class would be applied in the professional field. Having experienced working in the professional field helped to break out of the bubble you’re in while you’re in college. Seeing how people work together and get things rolling from idea to execution really opened my eyes.⠀

Being here in Seoul definitely brought its’ own challenges. Being in a foreign environment helps you to get out of your comfort zone. It leads you to be more understanding of other people and cultures, and in turn, helps you to understand your own culture and personality more.

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