Imme | 3rd-year student from the Netherlands

What I know now about doing my minor abroad is that it is 6 months filled with many moments to learn from and enjoy. Creative Business demands that her students go abroad at least half a year in their third year. It is something most people look forward to and I definitely was excited as well. I went to Seoul in South Korea and quickly realized that attending a foreign school and diving into a different culture brings tons of meaningful memories.

I learned it is sometimes challenging to be far from home and that things don’t always go as expected. However, I also found that you discover yourself a lot while being abroad and you can encounter friends that you’ll remember forever. I loved every moment of my journey in Korea and made most of it by doing as many things as I could. I joined school clubs, visited art galleries, weird cafes and engaged in traditional Korean activities, so definitely look into that if you’re ever in Seoul!

So, if I can give anyone a tip for their own journey in the third year; just enjoy the ride!

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