Joanne | 3rd-year student from the Netherlands

Kia Ora!⁠⠀

What I know now is that the study course prepares you for working with different cultures at the same time in the same office. I’m currently doing an internship at Education First in New Zealand. This school has over 30 different nationalities (students and staff). This creates struggles sometimes, but most often also fun opportunities. ⁠⠀
Over the past two years, I realized that I want to specialize in the event industry. At the beginning of this year, I chose the minor Event Management with a complementary internship to learn more about this. I continued this focus in my current internship here in New Zealand.⁠⠀
It was interesting to see how the whole world turned upside down the past months. Especially as my core focus is events. It taught me a lot about being flexible, staying open-minded, and pushing my personal limits.⁠⠀
Working abroad is something I enjoy very much and I’m sure I want to keep working in an international setting in the event industry. I can’t wait to dive deeper into this during my graduation project next year.”

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