Lorenza | 3rd-year student from Italy

What I know now is that Creative Business is both a professional and personal learning environment. Through the variety of courses offered you can identify the field you fit in the most and choose your career path accordingly.

What I know now is that the 3rd year at the HU can be the best year of your life. As an international or Dutch student, you have the opportunity to do an internship and to study abroad. Both experiences can change your points of view and broaden your mind.”

What I know now is that at uni there are so many opportunities to meet new people: in class, at the cafeteria, at the different common spaces, at the library… These don’t simply stay “people” but can become friends for life.

What I know now is that as a Creative Business student you learn how to schedule your time effectively. This means that aside from studying you can find time for a job or any other activity you want.

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