Distance education
Hybrid classes from HU locations

Hybrid classes from HU locations

In September 2021 corona measurements are softened. However, not all students can be at the campus at the same time. Therefore, the HU offers the following solutions for hybrid learning. Hybrid learning stands for synchronous classes for students that attend physically or online.


All lectures can be streamed/recorded from the lecture halls at HU locations (Requests via HUvideo). You could add a chat through Teams or Canvas.

Webinar for larger audiences

To organize a demonstration/webinar for larger groups of students, teachers can put up a Teams Live Event from any chosen location. Please refer to the information page about Live Events.

Non-interactive classes

Record a video. TLN can assist with didactical topics, HUvideo can help you out technically.

Interactive classes

From 1 September: at all HU locations, webcams and microphones are available through the “uitleenmuur“. With this you can make the classroom suitable for a hybrid interactive class.

At a later stage: fully equipped hybrid classrooms.

Hybrid meetings

All meeting rooms for 8 persons and larger are fully equipped for hybrid meetings. In Outlook the available equipment is visible when you make your reservation.

Here you find more information on hybrid meetings.