Who are we?
This is how we are organized

This is how we are organized

The Diversity & Inclusion Network includes a variety of people who are passionate about diversity and inclusion and who pay attention to this within and outside the HU. Seven committees are working within the network, each with its own area of ​​focus in which they try to realize a change. The committees enter discussions, try to see where great opportunities lie, develop activities for that purpose, share insights and great experiences and, in this way, try to bring our mission and vision a step closer. The committees consist of students and employees and are always open to anyone within the HU who wants to join temporarily or for a longer time.

In addition, many existing initiatives within the HU focus with great effort and involvement on a specific topic concerning diversity and inclusion. These initiatives find an extra platform through the network to propagate their message and activities. The committees and initiatives reinforce each other where possible.

To facilitate the connection within the Network D&I and to keep it active, three ‘Boosters’ have been designated, consisting of the chairman Ruben van der Weijden, the Diversity Officer Elena Valbusa, and student representative Sjamaani Berghout.