Students: Application Smart Sustainable Cities

Entry requirements
Are you a student, enthusiast after reading all this and do you want to realize your ambitions, we invite you to apply for this unique minor. This minor is open for students studying a variety majors, like engineering, science, technology, built environment, environment science, business management and ICT. Do you have questions about the entry requirements Please contact Martijn Rietbergen email:

Application procedure for international students
Please go to the HU International site for the application procedure. You may also contact the contact person of your own institute.

Application procedure for students studying at the HU University of Applied Science
The Dutch students studying at the HU can registrate themselves for the minor at the HU minor site. There you can find all the information, choose “engelse minors”, choose Smart Sustainable Cities, and registrate yourself in Osiris. Concerning deadlines: following the minor procedure at HU.

Application procedure for students studying at other Universities of Applied Science in the Netherlands
The Dutch students studying at other universities of applied science can registrate themselves on the Kies op Maat website.


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