Students: Application Smart Sustainable Cities

The application is open until   15 April 2016.  Are you a student, enthusiast after reading all this and do you want to apply to get this unique opportunity to be selected for this course, we invite you to realize your ambitions! Please contact the contact person of your own institute.

The application for the minor course does consist out of:

I:    Letter of motivation (including your expected learning objectives) and contact data;
II:   A résumé or Curriculum Vitae with your past experience and prior course work;
III:  Grading list;
IV:  Your preference for the project (1,2,3)  – in Alcoy, Turku or Utrecht (see below)
V:   Your name, name of the University where you are studying, date of birth, gender.

The participating Universities invite students, receive the applications and will do a pre-selection.
The Dutch students can contact directly to Martijn Rietbergen , coordinator of the Essence minor Smart Sustainable Cities, or to Rien van Stigt.

For UK Manchester Metropolitan University – Susan Baines email:
For Germany, HAW – Tessa Taefi email:
For Finland, TUAS – Henna Knuutila email:
For Spain, Universitat Politècnica de Valencia – Javier Orozco email:  

Those contact persons will contact the HU about the selected applications. From HU you will receive a confirmation if you are accepted for the minor, with the instructions how to registrate yourself at HU University of Applied Sciences.

The Dutch students than have to registrate themselves for the minor at the HU minor site There you can find all the information, choose “engelse minors”, choose Smart Sustainable Cities, and registrate yourself in Osiris. Concerning deadlines: following the minor procedure at HU.

In the course content part of this site, you can find the project assignments from Turku, Utrecht and Alcoi. Students who want to be enrolled in this Minor program are invited to apply in a short formal letter your preference for one of the projects (see IV above), explaining how you think to contribute to the project’s success and what you expect to learn from it.


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