C5 Alcoi / Valencia

The challenge of creating Smart Sustainable Cities is looking for you!

An engaging 3 week-long challenge (3 ECTS) where students from finish, dutch, german, british and Spanish universities will work together for solving real city challenges. The intensive program will propose tools for empowering your team in developing viable solutions for the real world. The cities of Alcoi and Valencia are waiting for your ideas.

The program involves lectures, visits and interactions with sustainable show cases for applying your knowledge on city sustainability through project work.

Your team will be challenged to solve 3 current problems in the Valencia region, and applying management techniques you will use real data and an e-learning platform for developing a solution. You will apply project management and communication skills in a European context, while learning sustainability strategies in Spanish cities. With your team you will participate in the international student competition on Transition Zero. The housing is paid by the program. A selection procedure is part of the application procedure. Submit before 15 February.


3 April until 21 April 2017. The apartments are reserved from the 2th of April until the 22th of April.


Full participation in the study program, is valued as 3 ECTS

Schedule Intensive Program:

3 weeks as follows:
2-9 April 2017 Alcoi
10-21 April 2017 Valencia


Day 1: Multicriteria decision making
Day 2: Sustainable refurbishment in nature
Day 3: Energy efficiency in buildings
Day 4: Waste and recycling strategies
Day 5: Sustainable leisure infrastructure


Day 1: Eastern
Day 2: Carbon sequestration strategies and GIS based decision making
Day 3: Integrated design process
Day 4:The seven questions to sustainability assessment
Day 5: Context, Framing, Risk, Uncertainty, and Integrative approaches to Complex Sustainability problems


Day 1: Sustainability certification
Day 2: Green infrastructure strategies for cities
Day 3: Sustainable building strategies
Day 4: Prepare the submission for the international student competition
Day 5: Present projects


During the whole course, a blended learning environment will offer you a lot of information and tools, about Smart Sustainable Cities. You will work on a wicked problem, given to you by the municipalities Alcoi / Valencia. A professional team of lecturers will coach you and guide you in the program. As an Erasmus student you have all the facilities to study and work in the university that hosts your program.

The challenges from the municipalities:

Alcoi / Valencia – Spain: Alcoi is a city and municipality with 70.000 residents in the autonomous region of Valencia, in the province of Alicante. The Serpis river crosses the municipal boundary of Alcoi. Alcoi has an important industry related to textile, paper, food and metal. Furthermore, it has many factories that manufacture matches. Alcoi is the financial, commercial and cultural center in the surrounding area. The city of Alcoi is nestled between two natural parks, and its inhabitants have always had a very close contact with those beautiful places. For future city development and economic growth, the rural activities and sustainable tourism are seen as a huge opportunity. In Alcoi the city council is realizing a General Plan of effective Urban Arrangements in respect to sustainable city environment.

Alcoi / Valencia-1: Sustainable refurbishment of the CEMACAM houses at the Font Roja in Alcoi: The city of Alcoi is nestled between two natural parks, and its inhabitants have always had a very close contact with those beautiful places. The city council has decided to refurbish a group of houses at the core of the Font Roja natural Park as the basis for a sustainability program for the city. The project aims at the refurbishment of these houses which will demonstrate the feasibility of a sustainable built environment where different academic, innovation and social activities will be carried out. The rural activities and sustainable tourism are seen as a huge opportunity to boost the importance of Alcoi in this context.
Alcoi / Valencia-2Carbon neutral center in the Tabarca island: South of the city of Alicante lies the small Tabarca island where an old lighthouse will be refurbished under nZEB principles as an innovation center for academic and demonstration activities related to Sustainability through circular economy. The project will propose and analyze different solutions from the perspective of a sustainability multi-stakeholder assessment.
Alcoi / Valencia-3: Nature based solutions (NBSs) for the Benicalap neighbourhood: At the Valencian region (Comunidad Valenciana), the green infrastructure concept has been extended, to include the spaces that allow to capitalize the natural resources and that are important to preserve for the population enjoyment and wellbeing. The green infrastructure of the city of Valencia will soon incorporate new areas (“Casino del Americano” and “Alqueria de la Torre”) for this purpose. The project will propose a rehabilitation of the traditional gardens of these buildings, including solutions such as: Vertical ecosystems for the decentralized treatment of gray water integrated into buildings; Bioclimatic strategies using the garden components to achieve that the buildings comply with standards NZEB; and social activities related to urban orchards. The team will assess the impact of all proposed activities preparing a portfolio of NBSs for cities.

On 21st April all teams will present their project.

The student competition:

Click here for the website of the challenge.

How to submit:

Choose for Alcoi / Valencia and send a mail to show your interest to the contact person of your own university.


If you are a HU student: Martijn Rietbergen

For Turku students: Jenni Suominen

For HAW students: Tobias Held

For MMU students: Susan Baines

In the mail you have to mention: your study, your age, your studentnumber and the city of your choise.

Do this before the 15th of February.