C5 Turku

The challenge of creating Smart Sustainable Cities is looking for  you!

An engaging 3 week-long challenge, of 3 ECTS. Together with students from universities of the Netherlands, Germany, the UK and Spain. In this intensive program you will work together to develop viable solutions for the real world. The municipality of Turku do need your ideas!

The program involves lectures, visits and interactions with sustainable show cases and allow you to develop your knowledge about sustainability. You will challenge yourself and others face to face and in an e-learning environment. You develop project management and communication skills in a European context. And of course, you learn to know the city and the country where you are studying. With your team you will participate in the international student competition on Transition Zero. The housing is paid by the program. A selection procedure is part of the application procedure. Submit before 15 February.


3 April until 21 April 2017. The apartments are reserved from the 2th of April until the 22th of April.


Full participation in the study program, is valued as 3 ECTS

Schedule Intensive Program globally:


Receiving the students

Introduction on the projects by the municipality and forming the project groups

Introduction on Smart Sustainable Cities and the course content

Working on the theoretical part of the SSC course


Students working on their project assignment

Mid-term presentations of their projects

Some nice and relevant excursion and guest speakers, innovation sessions


Students prepare their end-pitch

Students present their result in concept

Municipality receive the end result

Prepare the submission for the international student competition


During the whole course, a blended learning environment will offer you a lot of information and tools, about Smart Sustainable Cities. You will work on a wicked problem, given to you by the the municipality of Turku. A professional team of lecturers will coach you and guide you in the program. As an Erasmus student you have all the facilities to study and work in the university that hosts your program.

Turku, Finland: City of Turku is situated in the southwest coast of Finland. It has 180 000 inhabitants and is the leading city of the region. The city of Turku has made a great effort on sustainable city planning and sustainability in different city processes and decision making processes. The City of Turku is committed to be a carbon neutral city in 2040. One major step is a new city district Skanssi, which will be a sustainable and energy efficient. Skanssi is going to be good platform of different solutions for sustainable practices. The first and second assignment handle about Skanssi area. The third assignment is about the gardening district of Turku.

The challenges from the municipality:

Turku – 1: The new city district Skanssi could have a car or bike sharing system. Turku needs solutions to fulfill this need. Create plans for vehicle sharing. What different possibilities is to build a car or bike sharing system in the area?

Turku – 2: There could be different communal spaces, for example in the school building that is going to be built. Turku needs solutions to fulfill this need. Create plans for communal spaces. (How and where could be the communal spaces? How they can be available for the citizens in the Skanssi district? How the communal spaces could help SMEs or remote workers? How the local school building or other buildings in the area should be designed to serve the idea of communal spaces

Turku – 3: Turku has an old “gardening” district, where people have their small gardens with small summer cottages. This district needs a new plan. City gardens and cultivation needs innovative approaches. Create plans for green city, concerning old districts and new Skanssi district. By presenting a concrete model that takes in to account timetable and costs (f.ex. report, visualization and presentation).

The student competition:

Click here for the website of the challenge.

How to submit:

Choose for Turku and send a mail to show your interest to the contact person of your own university.


If you are a HU student: Martijn Rietbergen

For UPV students: Javier Orozco Messanen

For HAW students: Tobias Held

For MMU students: Susan Baines

In the mail you have to mention: your study, your age, your studentnumber and the city of your choise.

Do this before the 15th of February.