Transition Zero Challenge

Which team develops an action plan that contributes best to the transition towards smart sustainable cities?

In the smart sustainable city of the future, people strive to live and work in a healthy, social and entrepreneurial climate that is energy neutral. Students are the professionals of the future, who have to find solutions to these challenges. They can make the difference.

Therefore, in addition to last year’s success, students from higher educational institutes are again invited to compete in the international Sustainable City competition for the Transition Zero Award 2017. A relevant project that contributes to the transition towards smart sustainable cities can be submitted. The finalists will participate and present their solutions at the Young Professionals Event of the international conference ‘Smart Sustainable Cities 2017 – Viable Solutions’ (SSC2017). The winning team will receive a prize of € 3.000 and a commemorative award. For the second and third places there are prizes of € 1.500 and € 500 respectively.

Target group 

Student groups consisting of at least three persons and studying at a University of Applied Sciences (in Dutch: hogeschool). Students from abroad are explicitly invited to submit their projects.

Projects that are part of the regular curriculum (for instance in a minor) can be submitted, but extra­curricular or honours projects are welcome as well.

The challenge is, by its nature, particularly suitable for multidisciplinary student groups.

The challenge

Develop an action plan that contributes in a new way to the transition towards smart sustainable cities. The smart sustainable city has to deal with technical, physical, social, cultural, health and economic aspects. How will your solution make a contribution?

The Call for Projects can be found by clicking here. It contains full information about the Young Professionals Event & the Transition Zero Award 2017.