The duration of ESSENCE is three years: from the 1st of September 2014 until the 1st of September 2017.

In the first year we discussed the challenges for developing sustainable cities. Staff is trained in the use of innovative teaching approaches and an infrastructure for using Open Education Resources (OER) is build. A conference on blended learning is organized in Valencia (Spain).

In the second year, the development of the course material for a joint programme of 30 ECTS is completed, and an international Start-Up competition for students on Entrepreneurship is organized. Staff is trained in creative solution searching, and a conference on Creativity and Smart Sustainable Cities is organized in Turku (Finland)

In the third year, the joint course programme will be tried out in Utrecht (in a blended learning format), and an international student Sustainable City competition will take place in the three municipalities (Utrecht, Turku and Alcoi) in combination with an intensive learning programme. The joint course ends in January 2017. A conference on viable solutions for a sustainable city environment is scheduled in Utrecht 14 June 2017. Follow up activities will be worked out.


The results on these activities can be found by following the hyperlinks below.
staff training on blended learning
staff training on creative solution searching
development of the ICT infrastructure for blended learning
development of the course material
student training/course on smart sustainable cities (30 ECTS)
– a student competition on Entrepreneurship & Start ups – in combination with a short learning programme
– a student competition on Smart Sustainable Cities – in combination with an intensive learning programme
3 multiplier events (conferences)