Is co-creation the new black?


You take a handful of students, a pinch of very motivated coaches from World Design Forum and U CREATE Centre of Expertise Creative Industry. You put all of them together in an enormously inspiring location in the centre of Utrecht and what you get is the; “Future Health Battle 2014”. A co-creating battle between students, future focussed companies, and four tremendously interesting future health scenarios’.

In a world, which is more transparent than ever, the business world starts gaining the knowledge that this means that consumers have the power. But that does not always mean that they know what to do with this information. The answer might be co-creation as we see companies reaching out to their consumers more and more.



From online platforms to actively interviewing consumers, just to get them involved with a brand. But nowadays they are already taking it one step further by laying down complex questions in a co-creating environment, just to get new and inspiring insights in the future. Because the knowledge is not always with them who are actively involved in a specific theme, most of the time concepts for innovations come from them who are totally objective to a specific subject.

That is exactly what the Future Health Battle in cooperation with innovative companies as Philips, SOS Alarm and Jeroen Bosch Hospital is doing by involving students, with completely different backgrounds, in a health soaked problem setting by asking questions as; “what if we get 150”, “what if healthcare as we know it disappears”, “what if all your data is public” or “what if hospitals will come to your house”. At the end true innovation and therewith involving those for whom the innovation is developed in the first place, only creates value.

Although some of the students just look like they saw an alien they recovered quickly and they even surprised themselves with the most creative ideas that come up in their minds. If you ask me this battle and the insights gain out of this week, show us how important it is for companies to get in touch with those who might not seem to be that interesting on first sight. At the end we are all responsible for a liveable future even though we might not live it ourselves.

Cecile Cremer