Dutch norm reference study of the AIMS

Dutch Norm Reference Study of the AIMS

This study aims to determine whether the Canadian normative values of the AIMS (Alberta Infant Motor Scale) are applicable to the current Dutch population of children between 0-19 months, or have to be adjusted. 

What are we doing?
The design is comparable to a recent Canadian re-evaluation study of the Canadian normative values (Darrah J. et al. 2014). A sample of 450 typically developing children in the age of 0-19 moths will be scored on the AIMS. The AIMS home-video method is used to collect data. Parents film their child according to instructions and they can upload the video in a webportal. This is a secure digital environment to store the video material. The researchers assess the films with the AIMS and send feedback to parents on the motor development of their child.

For the analysis, a scaling method, using logistic regression analysis, on all items representing the age when 50% of the infants would pass an item. This item location can be calculated for each of the two data sets (Canadian and Dutch). Comparison of the two sets of locations makes it possible to see if the age of achieving an item in the original data appears to differ from the Dutch data. If the Dutch age scale is significantly different from the original Canadian scale, the norms can be determined by adjusting the age scale.

Subjects are recruited via an open recruitment.
Inclusion: healthy, full-term children and preterm children (8%) between zero and nineteen months of age; parental consent of both parents; sufficient command of the Dutch language to understand the instructions.
Exclusion: children with (diagnosed) abnormal or atypical motor skills.

The study started in January 2015 and will probably be finished in December 2017.


The Dutch norm reference team:

  1. Jacqueline Nuysink PhD, principal investigator GODIVA
  2. Imke van Maren-Suir MSc, researcher
  3. Marike Boonzaaijer MSc, researcher
  4. Petra Nijmolen MSc, researcher
  5. Students of the master programme in Pediatric physiotherapy

Advisory panel:

  1. Inge-Lot van Haastert PhD, pediatric physiotherapist and remedial educationalist WKZ/UMCU
  2. Marian Jongmans PhD, professor of Education & Pedagogics, FSS, UU
  3. Cas Kruitwagen MSc, statistician Julius center UU