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Information for International Exchange students

Application deadline Europe in the World: 1 April
Application deadline European Culture & European Journalism: 1 November

Send your motivation letter, cv and other required documents to using one of the Entry Forms below

Europe in the World_entry Form

European Culture & European Journalism_entry Form

Study Abroad


Study Abroad is part of you ‘profiling space (30EC)’ and is one of the options to choose. You can study at one of our partner universities as part of your third or fourth-year programme.

Each year in October/November the international officer will inform you on the possibilities in an information meeting. The powerpoint can be found here: Voorlichting Internationalisering 2019-2020. In this powerpoint you can read about options, procedures, criteria and deadlines.

Criteria and selection at SvJ:

  • First year certificate (P)
  • Minimum amount of ECTS required per year (see “Voorlichting powerpoint” for procedure)
  • Motivation: StudyAbroad Form2017 (please send it to
  • Availability at the partner universtity
  • Deadline: 1 February 2018

After the deadline for registration (in Osiris + StudyAbroad Form2017),  the international officer will check if you meet the requirements and will select a partner university for you, on the basis of your preferences. The results of the selection procedure will be communicated by the International Office. This can take a couple of weeks.

After selection you will need:

  • Approval of the exam board (see Study Abroad site fo information and form)
  • Language requirements (for partner universities only)
  • Registration at your partner university (the International Office will assist you)
  • Sometimes: visa
  • Sometimes: Erasmus+ application

NOTE: Europe in the World (60EC) and European Culture & European Journalism (30EC) are not part of the Study Abroad application procedure in Osiris. These English taught programmes are part of our course offer to incoming students from our partner universities. For Journalism students at HU it is part of Internationalisation@home. Please check below!


Please note: the deadline for registration for Study Abroad, which means doing a ‘minor’ (study abroad) at a foreign educational institution, passes before the deadline for registering for regular minors.
Registering for Study Abroad for the academic year of 2018-2019 has to be done through Osiris. Follow the procedure as explained under the tab ‘Study Abroad’ and then ‘Application and Selection Procedure’. You can register between December 1st 2017 and February 1st 2018

Contact person Study Abroad
Name: Carien Touwen (international officer)
Telephone number: 06 – 14241315


Internship Abroad

  • Internship abroad is not a mandatory part of your programme.
  • During your 3rd or 4th study year you can go on an internship abroad as part of your Practical Semester.

It is up to you to find a place and organisation that meets the requirements set out by the programme to do your internship at. For advice and procedure, you can contact the internship office (praktijkbureau) at your institute, the international officer or your internship coordinator. For tips and information about grants, you can contact the International Office. For more information check Ask HU.

The Institute for Media has a mobility fund for internships outside Europe, information on the Institute for Media page (Funding) and at the Praktijkbureau. In Europe you can apply for Erasmus+, also for internships.

Contact person Internships Abroad
Name: Corien Lassche (praktijkbureau)

Internationalisation @home

Journalism offers a range of possibilities for internationalisation at home. Apart from field trips and foreign reporting courses as part of your Specialisation Semesters, we offer two English taught programmes: Europe in the World in the fall semester and European Culture and European Journalism in the spring semester.
Please check out the powerpoint of the Internationalisation meeting for further information: Voorlichting November2017

Application: send your motivation letter and SVO to
Deadline Europe in the World: 1 April 2018 (for 2018/19 and for 2019/20)
Deadline ECEJ: 1 April 2018 (for 2018/19)

After selection you will get instruction for registration in Osiris. You cannot register for EitW and ECEJ via Study Abroad!!