ABP has to go Fossil Free

ABP has to go Fossil Free

ABP is the biggest pension fund in Europe, and also within the HU. With their scale comes big responsibility, also when it comes to making sustainable investments. In October we started a campaign together with a motivated group of HU staff. The goal of this is to make a statement against the investments of ABP in fossil fuels, which they make on behalf and from the salaries of teachers and staff, paid for by students tuitions and government subsidies. In the end, the share of fossil fuels in the portfolio of ABP has to be reduced to zero.

According to the Paris Climate Agreement we have to drastically lower our emissions if we want a chance to keeping this planet inhabitable. ABP however is still investing a whopping 17,4 billion euros in more than 300 coal-, oil- and gas companies, amongst them are oil giants like Shell, EXXON and Chevron. If we were to drill up all the coal, oil and gas that has currently been found, the temperature would rise by a dangerous 2°C.

It is necessary to immediately bring all searches to new sources of fossil fuels to a halt, and quickly phase out the most harmful industries like coal, shale gas and tar sands. ABP must therefore exclude the companies involved in this from her investments.

You can help by making your voice heard and signing the petition below.


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