Sustainable minors

The HU has an extensive range of minors. It doesn’t matter from which field you are, the HU has a sustainable minor for everyone.

Sustainability is a broad concept. We consider ecological, social and economic sustainability to be important. We ourselves often look at the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations to show what sustainable development can achieve: from No Hunger (the first goal) to Less Inequality (the tenth goal). We have listed the most sustainable minors for you.*Disclaimer: on this website you only see the minors that use the English language. If you’re interested in sustainable Dutch minors, you can take look on our Dutch website.

First on the list; minors where sustainability (ecological, social and economic) is a main theme. The figures show which Sustainable Development Goal is involved, do you want to know more about this? Click here!

There are also minors that have a flexibel approach, therefore it’s easy to incorporate sustainability:

– Next Level Engineering (Institute for Engineering and Design)
Campus Doc (also available in English) (Institute for Media)
Co-design Studio (Institute for Engineering and Design)

Behind the term ‘sustainability’ there is a huge collection of subjects. One of the ways to distinguish all those themes from each other and to get a better picture of what sustainability is, is based on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). In 2015, 193 countries signed this agreement with 17 goals for sustainable development. The majority of minors contribute to one or more of these goals. For example, all minors that deal with health care contribute to Global Goal 3, and all educational minors to Global Goal 4. These are not listed separately in the overview.

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