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International Buddy

Buddy Programme Refugees on Campus

This Buddy Programme pairs Dutch students with refugee students. It will give refugee students the chance to get acquainted with Dutch society in general and student life, in particular. The purpose of this programme is to help refugee students settle at the HU, increase their confidence and decrease the dropout rate. Interested in contributing to this cause? You can register here (Dutch only)!

Buddy Go Dutch

Buddy Go Dutch pairs Dutch Students with international students so both parties get acquainted with each other’s culture. This may prove to be just the support international students need after arriving in Utrecht. They can get to know the city and the language quicker and will feel more at home. For additional information and how to register check out the Buddy Go Dutch Website.

Some Study Programmes have their own Buddy Programme (Creative Business) for international students. For information on how to join contact your Study Career Coach/Team Learning Coach.

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