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Student counsellor

Are you running into problems which may impede the continuation of your studies? The Student Counsellors help students out who struggle with personal issues like:

  • long term illness,
  • functional impairments,
  • physical and/or mental issues (temporary or chronic),
  • special personal circumstances,
  • financial issues brought about unexpectedly,
  • assistance with appeals and objections
  • if you are a foreign student who has problems with the language.

The Student Counsellor can assist you when applying for extra arrangements to keep study delays to a minimum. If you need a referral to the Student Psychologist, the Student Counsellor can assist you.

You can reach the Student Counsellors by emailing: If you wish to schedule a meeting you can phone daily from 10.00 am until 12.00 am to: 088-4813322 (due to circumstances the support line is closed until further notice, the student counsellor can be reached by email).

FAQ student counsellors

Also check this overview of frequently asked questions.

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