HU Coaches

Study career coach/team learning coach

By applying a variation of teaching methods while being stimulated and challenged by lecturers and coaches, we aim to develop students into critical, independent professionals, who are not shy to take initiatives during their time here at the HU. This means that we expect you to take responsibility for your learning process and academic career. The HU Study Programmes provide the right conditions and support to coach you during this process. 

Apart from substantive guidance, you can receive coaching on how to improve study skills, how to make choices when faced with personal issues which may influence your study progress. The HU expects students to take the initiative and find the available support they need. 

Study Career Coaching 

All students have a Study Career Coach/Team Learning Coach, this is a student right. The Study Career Coach/Team Learning Coach is the person the student turns to first. It is their duty to: 

  • discuss and monitor results in cooperation with the student;
  • to discuss the Study Plan the student drew up after receiving a warning because  of the interim advice; 
  • Discuss the options and choices the Programme of Study has to offer;
  • to refer students to the Student Counsellor if personal circumstances call for this  action or if students need information on, for instance, appeal procedures. 

At the start of the Academic Year you will be assigned a Study Career Coach/Team Learning Coach; you can find out who, in Osiris. 

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