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Study choice counsellor

If you need information on academic decisions, master programmes or minors and you are an HU student? You can ask for advice from the Study choice counsellor at HU Choice Counselling.

You may well regret starting the course you are doing now, or you have to withdraw from the course. Or perhaps, you would like to continue studying but you have no idea how to go about this. There will be moments during your life as a student when you must take decisions and sometimes you would like support. The HU offers that.

First contact your Study Career Coach/Team Learning Coach if you have questions on decision-making. If this does not answer your questions, contact a Study Choice Counsellor. Go here to set an appointment for an initial meeting at Keuzeadvies (Choice Counselling). Choice counselling is still available for you within a year after you have withdrawn from your Study Programma.

You can also opt for online advice. Here you can find information, tips and exercises which will help you with questions on minors, courses and masters. There are also workshops (in Dutch only) which will help you choose courses or masters.

The HU Study Choice Counsellors, just like the Student Counsellors and Student Psychologists, are not linked to particular Study Programmes and give independent advice.

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