Making choices

What if you have doubts

What if you feel you are not right for the course you are enrolled in? And you doubt whether you would like to continue or not? This is not uncommon! There may be different reasons why you have doubts: perhaps the course is not quite what you expected it to be, you realise you are less interested in the domain than you thought or perhaps it was just not the right time and you had doubts right from the start.

Many students feel this way and it is important you do not bottle it up but speak to someone about it, so you can weigh the pros and cons of your doubts and questions and can decide on what to do next. Your Study Career Coach/Team Learning Coach will be able to help you.

What if the doubts do not disappear and you do not know how to proceed? Or you are forced to leave the Study Programme? Even if you quit, you are entitled to coaching. Please go to the Choice Counselling Website for additional information, where a team of independent Study Choice Counselors give online assistance, workshops and coaching on academic decisions, minors and master programmes.

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