Making choices

Enrollment and withdrawal

If you contemplate changing your studies, you will also need information on how to withdraw, and how to enrol somewhere else. On AskHU you can find all the information you need. If you still have unanswered questions, you can contact STIP.

Here you can find some points of attention with regard to disenrolment.

You are responsible for informing DUO to stop your Student Grant and Free Public Transport Pass (if applicable) yourself. This is not an automatic process!

1 February Regulation

It may well be advantageous for you to stop before 1 February, if you are contemplating to withdraw. Check here if this applies to you.

Enrolling and Withdrawing from Study Programmes with Selection Procedures.

If your Study Programme has a Selection Procedure and you withdraw before the 1 February because of special circumstances and you would like to start again at the start of the new Academic Year, then you will need to file a special request with the Institute Director to be able to enrol again.

Taking a Sabbatical

If you wish to take a sabbatical year while studying, then please inform yourself of the possible consequences. Your Study Career Coach/Team Learning Coach will be able to help you out. It may well be the case that you will need to register for courses or electives before you start back. When you are on a sabbatical, you will no longer have access to Osiris, so you will be unable to register for the courses in the new Academic Year. Timely consultations with your Study Career Coach/Team Learning Coach, before and during your sabbatical, on how to arrange your registrations before you come back, are very important.

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