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In general, students manage their own finances. This takes time and effort and sometimes it causes distress: more than half of all students find it hard to make ends meet. If you find your financial situation causes you concern, do not keep it to yourself but ask for help. Below, we will list some handy links on how to get information and support on how to manage your finances. 

Financial Support during the Corona crisis

During the Corona crisis, financial support is available in different ways. The Government offers compensation in some situations and DUO has arrangements if you experience financial problems. More information you can find at the website of DUO.

When you have problems paying your tuition fees, in some cases payment arrangements can be made at the HU. And the HU has means in some cases to provide financial assistance to students who have problems which cause study delays. Like when you have been ill from the coronavirus or have to take care of sick family members. Or when you combine your study with care for young children in this period. You can find more information about the Student Financial Support Fund here.

Please contact the student counsellors if you need help to find out what your possibilities are. Phone the support line of the student counsellors office from Monday to Friday between 10 am and 2 pm, 088-4813322 to ask for support (due to circumstances the support line is closed until further notice, the student counsellor can be reached by email), or send an email to

Assistance and Information on How to Manage Your Finances 

The HU has a Consultation Hour for Financial Issues. Also, the HU Debts and Collections Knowledge Centre is currently researching topics like debt prevention, debt repayments and financial stress. They share the findings of the research on their website (Dutch only). They also organise a Consultation Hour for Financial Issues, the place, dates and times can be found here. 

Stichting Nibud (Nibud Foundation) gives advice on topics like saving, making ends meet and borrowing. Visit the website (Dutch only) and find lots of information on these topics as well as tools to get you started on keeping a financial administration. 

The website of the National Government also has tips and information on financial issues for students. Also check: Studeer met een plan (Study with a plan, dutch only)


If you have debts and you have no idea how to start repaying, these websites may be helpful: 

There are volunteers who can help you sort out your finances, you can find them here: 

If you are struggling with considerable financial issues or debts, like rent arrears or arrears in fixed charges, contact your local council.  Councils provide help, but every council has different rules. For information on help in Utrecht, go here (Dutch only). For help in Amersfoort, go here (Dutch only). 

Student Grants 

You may well be eligible for a Student Grant from DUO. You will receive money on a monthly basis, which will have to be paid back. There are conditions you must meet like age, nationality and previous education. You can send an application to DUO, yourself. 

Sometimes you can get a Student Grant to cover university expenses. There is, for instance, a Teacher Grant, Compensation for Teachers (Dutch only) or Extra Performance-related Education Grant (Dutch only). There is the Levenlanglerenkrediet(Lifelong Learning Credit) for students who are studying at an official Institute for Higher Education but do not qualify for a Student Grant. There is information on tax reductions for university expenses on the site of the Dutch Tax Office. 

The Nibud site (Dutch only) also has information on allowances.

Utrecht and Amersfoort Councils Student Allowances  

Are you unable to work and study? And you have solid motives why this is impossible? Do you live in Utrecht or Amersfoort? The council may well be able to offer financial support. See if you qualify for a Student Allowance and apply now! 

The Student Allowance helps students suffering from physical or mental impairments or chronic diseases and who are unable to work and study. If your impairment is the reason why you cannot work enough, you will qualify for a Student Allowance issued by the local council in your place of residence As of 17 January 2019, the amount for Students living in Utrecht has been increased to € 200.- per month. 

Citizens of Utrecht can apply and find  information on how to qualify here (Dutch only). For Amersfoort, go here (Dutch only). 

Do you live elsewhere? Every council has Student Allowances; check your local council’s website.


If you need more information, you can go to the Student Counsellor. You can make an appointment by sending an e-mail to Everything you discuss with the Student Counsellor is treated confidentially. 

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