Studentlife and welfare

Inappropriate conduct

HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht wants to offer students a safe environment in which they can learn and develop. Learning becomes easier when you feel at ease and there’s an atmosphere of trust and respect. This also means that behaviour that is hurtful, crosses certain boundaries or leaves you feeling there has been an abuse of power is not accepted at the HU. In case of undesirable behaviour at your internship, you should contact the confidential counsellor or company doctor at your internship.

Examples of inappropriate or transgressive conduct include bullying, discrimination and verbal, physical or sexual harassment. Has someone within or outside the HU – for example, a student, lecturer or supervisor – subjected you to inappropriate behaviour? And do you find it difficult to bring this up with the party involved? Do you feel hurt, intimidated or even threatened by how you’ve been treated?

Don’t bottle it up – talk about it! Seek support from someone in your immediate environment whom you trust. And at the HU, you can also get in touch with one of our confidential counsellors. They can offer a sympathetic ear, and are able to think along with you about which steps to take from here – and how to put an end to this undesirable situation.

Make an appointment with a confidential counsellor or coach

To set an appointment with a confidential counsellor, please go to Ask HU for the contact details of the counsellor in question. You can get in touch with the counsellor when you have been subjected to inappropriate conduct yourself, but also when you’ve observed undesirable behaviour towards someone else.

If you prefer, you can also contact your study career coach, team learning coach or student counsellor. To set an appointment with a student counsellor, please send an email to

HU Integrity Roadmap and Integrity Code

You can view the HU’s Integrity Roadmap and Integrity Code here.

Support and care in the context of sexual violence outside the HU

You can approach the Sexual Assault Center (Centrum Seksueel Geweld, CSG) anonymously if you have been subjected to sexual violence. Please visit the CSG website for details and add their hotline 0800-0188 to your contacts list. The Municipality of Utrecht has also published a special Student&Zorgkaart with an overview of local assistance and care programmes for students.

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