Study support

Going on an internship or to work

Study, graduate and then: working at a nice place, where you can mean something, earn an appropriate salary, be appreciated, continue to develop yourself.

You can increase your chance of finding a job that suits you by:

  • finding out, while studying, where your talents lie and what you’re less good at or dislike;
  • working while studying, to get an overall picture of the entire professional field and where you can make use of your talents later on;
  • using your choice of internship, minor, graduation and work field assignments to improve your chances later on;
  • if you can, get a study programme-relevant side job while studying, such as during your summer holidays and/or a semester to catch up on your studies.

Should I tell or not? If you make use of facilities during your studies, the reason to use them usually is not different when you actually start working. So how do you deal with that? Do you tell? When and how? Discuss this with your supervisor and/or practice with people you trust. And maybe Anita Hubner’s book on this can help you.

Will it be difficult to work without the facilities and/or will you not be able to earn at least the minimum wage because of a disability/chronic condition? Then see if the UWV or target group register can be of any help. Take your time to find out, listen to other people’s experiences and make a choice. It is important to know that you must apply for this during your studies because an application cannot be submitted after you graduate.

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