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What if you are not feeling quite like yourself

It happens to everyone; you do not feel quite like yourself. Perhaps there are some issues which are complicating your life. Usually this is only temporary, but it can also cause you to feel gloomy or give you anxiety for a longer period. Perhaps you do not sleep well, or you are unable to concentrate, and you feel it affects your general welfare, your studies and results.

It is very important you contact your Study Career Coach/Team Learning Coach to see if there are any actions you need to take and how the Study Programme can support you. The Study Career Coach/Team Learning Coach can also advise you to go to the Student Counsellor. The Student Counsellor can help you sort out your situation and you can discuss if and what assistance you need. If needs be, the Student Counsellor can refer you to the Student Psychologist or advice you to get help outside the HU.

The Student Psychologist

The Student Psychologist helps students who suffer from mental issues. They can help if you suffer from concentration problems, fear of failure (performance anxiety), lack of motivation, social issues when dealing with lecturers and fellow students, family problems, find it hard to live in lodgings, loneliness, issues you have not come to terms with, feel gloomy, problems sleeping and alcohol and drugs abuse. The Student Psychologist can advise you and give short term psychological support. You will start with an intake to determine what is troubling you and decide how we can help you best.

The Student Counsellor or Confidential Counsellor will refer you to the Student Psychologist.

Should the help the Student Psychologist provides not be what is needed considering your situation, then the Student Psychologist can advise you on what general mental health care (Geestelijke Gezondheidszorg (GGZ)) can do for you, as well as show you alternative options.

If you suffer from mental health issues you can go to your GP directly to get help.

Mental Health Assistance Outside the HU

You can find all kinds of assistance when suffering from mental health issues in Utrecht, Amersfoort and surrounding areas. A selection of institutions providing critical, anonymous and specialised help and some search engines to find suitable mental health care or psychologists can be found on this website.

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