Study support

Special personal circumstances and study

It may well be the case that special personal circumstances make studying a lot harder for you. Special circumstances like:

  • Chronic Disease
  • Functional Limitations
  • Physical and/or Mental Conditions (temporary or chronic)
  • Special Family Circumstances (including if you are a carer)
  • Financial Issues because of Unforeseen Circumstances
  • Issues because of Pending Objections or Appeals
  • Foreign Speaker

The HU can give support if any the above-mentioned circumstances apply to you.

Discuss Your Situation

If you find any of the circumstances mentioned above apply to you then please contact your Study Career Coach/Team Learning Coach, to discuss your situation and what you would need, to make sure you can study properly and prevent possible delays.

Also make sure you go to the Student Counsellor as soon as you realise you are in a situation beyond your control, which makes it harder for you to study. Mail to the Student Counsellor to make an appointment. The Student Counsellor will treat everything you discuss as confidential.

Register on Time

Discuss the situation with your Study Career Coach/Team Learning Coach as soon as possible. Discussing possible solutions may prevent study delays. You will also need to go to the Student Counsellor at the moment the situation occurs if you want to apply for special arrangements or need to contest a Negative Binding Study Advice at the end of the first year.

For the procedure for a request for dyslexia-related facilities please for the new academic year, please consult the previous page: studying and mental or physical impediments.

Student Financial Support Fund

The HU can support students suffering from a study delay because of special circumstances, financially. You can read the details in the Rules and Regulations.

Flex Study

If you would like to stagger your studies, then you can opt for Flex Study at the HU. You can slow down the pace or take on more or less, during a certain time. You must apply for Flex Study at the start of the Academic Year.

Training Sessions

The HU has training sessions for students, completely free of charge, to help them study to the best of their abilities despite the personal circumstances that may be holding them back. For additional information on what we have available, check here. At the moment training sessions are offered in dutch only.

Support Groups

Looking for more support and would you like to know how other students with impairments experience studying? The HU has support groups you can join.

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