Study support

What if you play top-level sports

Would you like to combine your top-level sports career with being an HU student? The HU would very much like to help you. The following arrangements are available to you at the HU:

  • Coaching by the Top-Level Sports Coordinator.
  • Flex Study, within reason, only if it can be arranged by the Study Programme.
  • Financial support if you run into unexpected costs.

The Top-Level Sports Policy provides ample information on possible arrangements. You must register as a Top-Level Sports Player within the HU to make sure the Top-Level Sports Regulations apply to you. It is up to the Top-Level Sports Coordinator to decide if you qualify for the Top-Level Sports Regulations or not.

Please contact your Study Career Coach/Team Learning Coach if you wish to qualify for special arrangements and arrange an intake with Top-Level Sports Coordinator by sending an email to:

For additional information on receiving the Top-Level Sports status within the HU, please visit this page.


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