Study to the best of your abilities

Study to the best of your abilities

Does it take you a lot of time to prepare for an exam or are you trying to study more effectively? Does the English language give you troubles, or do you find it hard to write papers? Are you struggling with fear of failure (performance anxiety), stress or mental health issues which make you feel you are under pressure, resulting in your being less successful academically than you should?

If these questions are on your mind, contact your Study Career Coach/Team Learning Coach. They can coach you when it comes to questions about study results (or the lack of them), study planning and academic choices. There is also information and tips on how to tackle the issues mentioned above.

Training sessions for increasing Study succes are available at the Student Support Centre (SSC) as well. Check what is on offer here.  At the moment training sessions are offered in dutch only.

The SSC started up in June 2019 and is still only at the beginning stage: we are working very hard on increasing the number of training sessions.

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