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Dealing with mental health issues

If you suffer from mental health issues like anxiety, depression, bereavement, self-identity problems, or addictions, it may be of great importance to talk to someone who can help you. If this gets in the way of studying, then at least consult your Study Career Coach/Team Learning Coach. They will look into your issues and see what your Study Programme can do for you in terms of arrangements or help.

Student Counsellor

You can also make an appointment with the Student Counsellor. No refferal is needed. You can sent an email to if you want an appointment. You can discuss your situation with the Student Counsellor and decide which steps you to take and whether help is needed or not. Possibly the Student Counsellor will refer you to the Student Psychologist or may advise you to get help outside the HU.

The Student Psychologist

HU Student Psychologists support students with mental health issues. They can help you with, for instance, concentration problems, fear of failure (performance anxiety), lack of motivation, social problems when interacting with fellow students or lecturers, family issues, trouble living in lodgings, loneliness, unprocessed issues, depression, insomnia, alcohol and drugs abuse. The Student Psychologist can advise you and give short term psychological help, if needs be. There will be an intake to determine what problems you are dealing with and what will benefit you. Apart from short-term psychological assistance, you can also take part in the Fear of Failure (Performance Anxiety) Training (dutch only).

You must be referred by a Student Counsellor to consult the Student Psychologist or Confidential Counsellor.

Should the therapy the Student Psychologist gives you not meet your requirements, then the Student Psychologist can advise you on other therapies provided by the Geestelijke Gezondheidszorg (Mental Health Care/GGZ) or elsewhere.

You can also consult your GP directly if you suffer from mental health issues.

Psychological Assistance Outside the HU

Assistance where mental health issues are concerned can be found in abundance in Utrecht and Amersfoort and the surrounding areas. This website lists a number of institutions which provide critical, anonymous and specialist assistance as well as shows you some search engines which make finding mental health care or psychologists easier.

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