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Develop your language skills

Want to learn how to communicate better? Are you an international student trying to get the hang of the Dutch language? Please find out what your Study Programme has on offer. A few handy tips:


Taalwinkel  (Language Store) –Advice on Language and Study Skills

Taalwinkel is a website, set up by the HvA and UvA,  providing language advice. You can find a lot of information on a variation of topics, like study skills, texts, spelling and grammar. Check out the website (Dutch only) for handy tips and information on how to write papers.

MOOC-list – Online Courses on Language Skills

Massive Online Open Courses (MOOCs) are free, online courses. It enables you to decide when you want to study. This site gives a summary of all the free, online Dutch Language courses or if you are looking for a course on how to improve your writing (on the HvA/UvA website, Dutch only).

Babel – A Large Selection of Language Courses

Babel is a Language Centre offer a large selection of language courses for educated people. They have experts on board who can help you to increase confidence in your own communication skills see what they have on offer here. The courses cost money.

Speech Therapy

At the HU’s very own Clinics (Dutch only) students can get free advice on, for instance, speech therapy, by students who are supervised by professionals. A Speech Therapist can help students who have problems with their voice or speech which make them harder to understand, the way they use their voice and improve how they come across during presentations.

Language Consultation Hour– How to find Language Support

Every Wednesday morning, the Utrecht Library in Kanaleneiland organises the Language Consultation Hour. The librarians will assist you how in finding the language support you need. For additional information, please go to the website (Dutch only).

Welkom in Utrecht – Learn Dutch in a Language Cafe.

Would you like to learn Dutch in a relaxed and informal setting? No problem! ‘Welkom in Utrecht’ organises language cafes voor fugitives in Utrecht. Check the calendar here.

Buddy Go Dutch – Dutch Buddies for International Students

Buddy Go Dutch couples Dutch students to international students so they can learn from each other’s cultures. This scheme can really be of benefit if you want to learn about Dutch language and culture. Apply here. If you are a Creative Business Student, CB also has their own buddy programme for 1st year international students.

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