Study to the best of your abilities

How to develop your study skills

Planning, reading, writing, summarising, communicating, presenting are all study skills you need to study to the best of your abilities. You should learn these skills as a student but sometimes you need a little help. Do you find it hard to make a Study Plan, write papers or learn theoretical material? You can discuss the coaching you may need with your Study Career Coach/Team Learning Coach.

Would you like some practical tips so you can improve your study skills, by yourself? Perhaps these tips (Dutch only) the Leiden University put online will help.

The Taalwinkel (Language Store, Dutch only) from the UvA/hvA is where you can also find handy tips on study skills. The website also has lots of information and tips on how to write a paper.

Available at the HU: training sessions, free of charge, for students with impediments so they can make the most of their education. For more information on what is available, check here.

21st Century Skills (Dutch only), also, a part of study skills and very valuable to your future. At the HUB-Lab, a department of the HU Library, you can work on developing these 21st Century Skills. Interested in one of the HU Library workshops? Check here (Dutch only).

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